We may get commissions for purchases made through links in our site, this helps us running this website.

One of the reasons there is so much great content available for free on the Internet is because retailers and other businesses will pay the owners of websites to feature them on their web pages.

The websites offer online advertising spaces on their web pages to these retailers in the same way that newspapers and commercial TV stations do.

The website you have clicked from to this page makes money from online advertising and the information you’re reading explains how some or all of the products, pages and/or clickable links may result in the website receiving payment for featuring goods and services.

The payments help the owners pay for the cost of running the site and, with bigger websites, the employees and office space to help produce the online content they feature.

Affiliate marketing allows sites like the one you’ve just visited to have a business relationship with a retailer who will reward them for promoting them. This usually happens when a customer clicks through a link on the original website to a retailer’s website and then buys something. The payment is typically a commission payment for the completed sale.

Website owners may produce a wide variety of online content that is not only aimed at engaging or informing their users, but also generates consumer interest for advertisers. Content that is based on a commercial relationship existing between a website owner and an e-commerce advertiser is not always obvious.